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Mobile/Tablet Protection Plan For Laptop

We keep your devices running like new…

Boost the manufacturer's warranty on your gadget.

Any physical or accidental or liquid damage (such as water, tea, or coffee!) Get's Covered.

Free Pick & Drop from your doorstep.

No Question asked Policy & Paperless Process.

Guaranteed repair or replacement.

Issues that we fix

"Genuine Spare Parts"

Qualified Technicians with "Experience"


Technology may disappoint you, we never will!

Normal wear and tear, such as scratches on the screen, will not be covered.

Any component in the main unit or the accessories that is damaged will not be covered.

Why Choose One-Click Support?

Wide Coverage

We cover all your new and old* devices and appliances.

Genuine Parts & Products

We use 100% genuine parts and products, always!

Zero Hassle Support

Just register your complaint and we take care of the rest. From assigning a technician to arranging parts and replacements, we never let a thing bother you.

Convenient, High-Quality Repair

Our certified engineers work as per your schedule. Just choose your slot and we ensure guaranteed resolution of your problem within the promised timeline.

Door-Step Assistance

We provide at-home service/ free pick-up within 24 hrs of your complaint.

Easy repair and replacement

We either fix your device or replace it with a new one. No questions asked!

Instant repalcement on Small Appliances

We provide unlimited assistance for your devices’ repair and maintenance.

No Hidden Fees

Our one-time fee covers the cost of all parts and labor. No hidden surprises later.

Brands that we service

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have oneclicksupport screen protection plan or MPP ( Mobile protection plan), you won't have to worry about repairs or the costs associated with them. We will arrange for the item to be picked up from your doorstep (*available for selected devices and plans), repaired, and returned to you without you having to leave your home or spend any money for repairs. You will only be needed to pay a  excess charges if any applicable for spare parts and repair costs value upto 5%,  Please consult your plan's Terms and Conditions to determine your qualifying Excess costs.

In compliance with the terms and conditions of the programme, you may file an unlimited number of claims up to the sum covered throughout the membership term.

Once you provide the necessary paperwork and successfully raise the claim, a member of the OneClickSupport team will contact you to schedule an appointment and collect the device from your doorstep. If doorstep service is not available in your area, OneClickSupport will make arrangements to send a mobile bag through a partner courier service; you will need to pack the damaged device in the pouch and return it to OneClickSupport. In order to pick up the packed pouch from your door, OneClickSupport will arrange for the courier partner to come.

You may raise another claim, but the amount of coverage that is available will depend on how much money was left over after the first claim.

Your device qualifying coverage amount is equivalent to the invoice value of your device.

No, all devices purchased within 02 days of the activation date of the device are eligible for the OneClickSupport protection plan.

According to your protection plan, you are entitled for the following advantages: 1) 12-hour contact centre support. 2) Protection from unintentional liquid and physical harm. 3) Protection from mechanical and electrical failures. 4) Free device pickup and delivery for every repair.

Because of their portability, laptops are vulnerable to physical harm from even a small amount of water or tea, which makes them ruined and causes problems in your life. Therefore, we advise you to avoid laptop liquid and accident damage. Additionally, you may get OneClick Support extended warranty to cover expanded manufacturer warranty on your laptop. Remain at ease as we take care of all your laptop-related problems, including 12-hour assistance, home pickup and delivery, and repair at authorised service centres*. With our laptop protection package, work should never stop, and neither should your laptop.

When making a claim, the following documentation is needed: 1) A rightly completed and signed claim form. 2) A government-issued ID showing the laptop buyer. 4) Any more paperwork that could be needed in the future.

The total amount of the invoice value should represent the product's price before any applicable discounts or offers (such as exchange offers & cash back). You should purchase an Extended Warranty plan with this value.

For example, if you paid Rs. 11,000/- for a Oven that costs Rs. 11,999 after a Rs. 999 discount. For Oven costing more than Rs. 11,999/-, you should purchase the extended Warranty plan rather than the Rs. 11,000/- plan.

Once you have successfully submitted your claim with all relevant documentation, the oneclicksupport team will contact you to schedule your appointment and will either collect the device (available for certain devices and plans) or schedule a home inspection of the damaged device at your convenience.

No, you cannot transfer an activated existing plan to your new device. until unless if the same is been replaced by the brand, in that case you need to inform oneclicksupport the new device imei number along with DOA copy provided by the brand

Yes, as long as you use the 'Cool' setting on your blow dryer. However, blow drying a phone is unlikely to help absorb moisture from the inside if water has entered the device. A better option is to store your phone in a rice sack for a few days. It will completely evaporate moisture from the inside.

It just takes a few clicks.
 1. When you purchase a plan, you will receive an automatic system email. The email will contain details of your product and validity of plan, you can also check by login into oneclicksupport.in
 2. Check to see if the IMEI/Serial Number on your device matches the one on the purchase invoice and/or the serial number displayed on the device image supplied during plan activation.

The Certificate of Protection (COP) is the confirmation from OneClickSuport that your appliance or gadget is protected under the extended warranty program. It will also allow us to provide you quick and efficient service at the time of registration a service request.

If your new address falls within our serviceable pin code, you can continue to utilise our services.

We shall offer you with a comparable replacement device that may or may not be a new piece if the brand does not repair damaged parts or if the item cannot be fixed due to a lack of spare parts.

RIGHT AWAY! Do avoid letting it skip. Buy damage protection on the same day you buy your device. An extended warranty is more adaptable because it can be acquired within 11 months of the purchase of your gadgets. Delaying these purchases costs a lot of money; get it today!

If you want your smartphone to perform flawlessly for at least two years, you should ideally acquire damage protection as well as a mobile extended warranty plan. Some devices, regardless of brand, fail on their own. Investing in the correct mobile protection plan, on the other hand, can extend the life of your phone. Smartphones are vulnerable to physical harm; some of them can even be damaged by a spray of water or tea, causing you inconvenience. As a result, we recommend that you purchase both.

Battery issues are one of the most popular problems that individuals have with their smartphones. The simplest way to extend the life of your smartphone's battery is to avoid charging it overnight, turn down the brightness, eliminate vibration mode, and so on.

Do you know that the screen of a smartphone makes up roughly 35% of the device's cost? These days, almost all mobile phones include gorilla glass, which provides a scratch-resistant display, yet this is insufficient. Tempered glass above gorilla glass acts as additional protection for your smartphone screen, preventing it from readily shattering or cracking.

When the internal storage of a smartphone is nearly full, it normally slows down or starts freeing up. You can remove useless programmes, shift images and videos to a cloud storage service or SD card, and most importantly, avoid utilising live wallpapers. Close any open apps that are causing your phone to freeze.

Turn off your phone straight away, remove the battery, SIM, and memory cards, and leave it open for a few hours. In the instance of an iPhone that cannot be opened, simply turn off the device. The longer your phone remains in contact with water, the more likely it will be damaged.

The day after the manufacturer's warranty expires, our mobile warranty plan begins. For example, if your phone warranty or brand warranty expires on May 20, 2017, our warranty will begin on May 21, 2017, ensuring that your smartphone is always covered. This is why it is critical to obtain a mobile protection plan ahead of time. In terms of the Damage Protection plan, it begins the day you purchase it.

Mobile/Tablet Protection Plan Plans We Offer

Tablet Protection Plan

1599 per

Mobile Protection Plan

1999 per

Laptop Protection Plan

3199 per

Extended Warranty Coverage test 1 test 2
No Questions Asked Policy 5yrs
Upto 2 Damages Covered in 2 year Or a Replacement
Repair Or Replacement

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