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Yes, as long as you use the 'Cool' setting on your blow dryer. However, blow drying a phone is unlikely to help absorb moisture from the inside if water has entered the device. A better option is to store your phone in a rice sack for a few days. It will completely evaporate moisture from the inside.

Turn off your phone straight away, remove the battery, SIM, and memory cards, and leave it open for a few hours. In the instance of an iPhone that cannot be opened, simply turn off the device. The longer your phone remains in contact with water, the more likely it will be damaged.

When the internal storage of a smartphone is nearly full, it normally slows down or starts freeing up. You can remove useless programmes, shift images and videos to a cloud storage service or SD card, and most importantly, avoid utilising live wallpapers. Close any open apps that are causing your phone to freeze.

Do you know that the screen of a smartphone makes up roughly 35% of the device's cost? These days, almost all mobile phones include gorilla glass, which provides a scratch-resistant display, yet this is insufficient. Tempered glass above gorilla glass acts as additional protection for your smartphone screen, preventing it from readily shattering or cracking.

Battery issues are one of the most popular problems that individuals have with their smartphones. The simplest way to extend the life of your smartphone's battery is to avoid charging it overnight, turn down the brightness, eliminate vibration mode, and so on.

The day after the manufacturer's warranty expires, our mobile warranty plan begins. For example, if your phone warranty or brand warranty expires on May 20, 2017, our warranty will begin on May 21, 2017, ensuring that your smartphone is always covered. This is why it is critical to obtain a mobile protection plan ahead of time. In terms of the Damage Protection plan, it begins the day you purchase it.

If you want your smartphone to perform flawlessly for at least two years, you should ideally acquire damage protection as well as a mobile extended warranty plan. Some devices, regardless of brand, fail on their own. Investing in the correct mobile protection plan, on the other hand, can extend the life of your phone. Smartphones are vulnerable to physical harm; some of them can even be damaged by a spray of water or tea, causing you inconvenience. As a result, we recommend that you purchase both.

RIGHT AWAY! Do avoid letting it skip. Buy damage protection on the same day you buy your device. An extended warranty is more adaptable because it can be acquired within 11 months of the purchase of your gadgets. Delaying these purchases costs a lot of money; get it today!

A household has numerous electrical and technological equipment that are used on a regular basis and are costly. These gadgets occasionally malfunction. These issues can be expensive if a main component fails/breaks down and must be replaced. Add to that the misery and interruption to your routine that it might cause if the equipment entirely fails.
These equipment can be preserved and the significant expenses of repair avoided with proper periodic maintenance, giving you piece of mind in their use. As the old adage goes, prevention is preferable to cure.

We include all brands purchased in India. The following are some of the prominent brands we cover.

Sony, Apple, LG Electronics, HP, Dell etc.

• The freedom to choose one of our recommended plans or to create your own security plan that includes as many devices in your home as you need to ensure complete peace of mind.
• Sign up from the comfort of your own home, through our technician, by phone, or even online. 

• Call us at any moment for assistance with your devices or for general advice.

We only utilise genuine spares supplied by the relevant brand. We stand by our work and provide a 6-months service warranty on all workmanship.

The OneClickSupport Out of Warranty Plan is a yearly comprehensive service contract for your various household appliances. OneClickSupport Premium Services cover any defects covered by regular manufacturer's warranties, spare parts and services at no extra cost, 100% cashless and no hidden charges.

Devices must be manufactured in India or legally imported into India and sold through authorised channels with an invoice.
Devices must be in functioning order, which will be confirmed during an inspection visit.
For major appliances such as televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators, the lifespan should not exceed 9 years, while for other appliances, the lifespan should not exceed 4 years. 
The brand must be from the list provided and must be in use at the residence premises.

We recommend that you remove that appliance from the contract and proceed with the remaining equipment. We will refund any outstanding funds. You have the option to cancel the contract and receive a full refund if you so desire.

When you purchase the AMC plan, OneClickSupport AMC Plan coverage begins on the 11th of the month after the date of purchase. During this time, we will send a technician to inspect and ensure that the appliances covered by the contract are in good working order. This is a one-year plan. We will handle everything connected to service under the contract once you have an AMC Plan enabled. You don't have to be concerned about anything.

You can raise the service request 24x7 with a single click on OneClickSupport or thru email or www.oneclicksupport.in. The service request process flow is mentioned on inside back cover of this booklet for easy reference.

In normal circumstances, the OneClickSupport staff will ensure that service calls are sent to an authorised service provider, who will respond to the call within 72 hours and deliver a resolution within 14 days. In the worst-case scenario, the resolution must be provided within 30 days.
You can follow the service request via the app, website, or by phoning our helpline at 08069201919.
On-site service is available for large appliances. In order to repair or service a portable device, you must take it to an authorised service centre.
The services are completely cashless, with no additional fees for technician visits or part replacement.
Upon completion of work, you need to sign on service report for the closure of service request.

Yes, AMC plans can be renewed year after year as long as the product's lifecycle is covered by the relevant requirements. We encourage you to renew your plan 15/30 days in advance to take advantage of the greatest discounts and ensure the smooth running of your device.

In the unlikely event that your gadget cannot be repaired owing to a lack of spares, we will offer you with an equal replacement or reimburse your money. Once a replacement is provided, all of our responsibilities under this contract are deemed satisfied, and the appliance is no longer covered by the OneClickSupport AMC Plan.

Unlimited repairs are several (unlimited) service calls for the gadget till the total cost of labour and spares does not surpass the original price of the devices.

If you purchased a OneClickSupport AMC Plan online, you must activate it.

1.You will receive the activation link via SMS/email.

2.Fill out your information and attach a copy of your device purchase invoice before submitting using the link or at www.oneclicksupport.in or through the OneClickSupport app.

3.We complete the activation process and will provide you the registered plan once it is activated/registered.

If you have any problems, please contact us by email at customercare@oneclicksupport.in, phone at 08096201919, or WhatsApp at 7738899942.

Details about your appliance, such as its brand, model, serial number, invoice number, date of purchase, and a copy of the purchase invoice.

Once you upload the purchase invoice, we will keep it on file for all future servicing needs in order to provide you with a 100% paperless, hassle-free experience. You do not need to come up with invoices frequently at the time of service.

It is a fairly basic registration process that is required in order for the plan to be activated. This is required so that the correct information is available while delivering service and filing an insurance claim. We follow up with consumers to ensure that their plans are active. In the worst-case scenario, if we cannot reach you and your plan is not activated, we will be unable to deliver services.

Don't worry, we have all of your device and OneClickSupport AMC Plan details once you activated the AMC Plan. We do not require any information from you. In fact, all of the information is also available on our oneclicksupport app. We propose that you download this app from the Google Play Store and use it for a variety of purposes such as information retrieval, raising a service request, receiving notifications, offers, and reports, among others.

To use the services, all you need is your registered mobile number. We want you to concentrate on your career and family, and we will take care of your appliances and gadgets.

There is no need to be concerned whether you relocate from one location to another within a city, state, or India. Simply send us an email, a message, or a phone call with your updated coordinates.

Please ensure that uninstallation, transportation, and reinstallation are completed by permitted personnel to ensure contract continuity at new locations.

We only collaborate with trustworthy and top authorised service providers, ensuring that your product is in good hands at all times. Our Service Experts deliver onsite services at your home or authorised service centres. Experts have been thoroughly background checked and trained.

Nothing, nothing, nothing. There are no additional fees or charges.

Any issues or flaws not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Non-operational and cosmetic damage to the Product, such as dents or scratches to the paintwork or Product finish.

Remote, batteries, USB/HDMI cable, and replacement of any consumable products or accessories are examples of accessories used in or with the Product.

Product repair due to an accident, overuse, abuse, negligence, or incorrect maintenance.

Damage caused by a power loss, power surges or drips, changing voltage, insufficient or incorrect voltage or current.

Damage caused by unauthorised repair, theft, burglary, and accident, including earthquake, storm, and/or hurricane, abuse, misuse, sand, dust, water, negligence, fire, flood, lightning, malicious damage, impact, corrosion, battery leakage, acts of God, animal or insect infestation or incursion, and so on.

Breakdowns caused by computer viruses or product repositioning Data backup and restoration, as well as debugging and modifying computer software.

The cost of removing or reinstalling the Product.

Costs incurred as a result of improper installation, modification, or maintenance

Use of non-manufacturer-approved batteries, chargers, and/or accessories, as well as faulty electrical leads or connections.

The full list of exclusions can be found in the contract's specific Terms & Conditions.

No, OneClickSupport AMC Plan is non-transferable.

According to the conditions of OneClickSupport AMC Plans, accidental and liquid damages are not covered. Screen protection plans for smartphones and tablets are available from OneClickSupport.

OneClickSupport promoters are in business for over 35 years and have enrich experience in servicing of IT & Electronics products. Moreover, each plan is underwritten by a leading Insurance company, so in very unlikely scenario of us not being in business, you shall get service or reimbursement of your invoice amount from insurance company. Our each plan provides master policy number of an Insurance Company.

OneClickSupport offers a one-of-a-kind protection plan that covers all functional appliances and gadgets.

OneClickSupport offers extended warranty, repair, and after-sales services for your devices, ensuring that your appliances or devices continue to work optimally.

Manufacturers or original equipment manufacturers provide warranties on their products for a certain time. If your product malfunctions and requires repair or service after that period has passed, you could end up spending thousands of rupees.

With an extended warranty plan, you may extend the guarantee period to the term of your choice and save thousands of dollars if your product breaks due to manufacturing or workmanship flaws.

Our protection plans can be purchased at a variety of electronic retailers and online marketplaces.

Our extended warranties begin the day after the manufacturer's warranty expires. For example, if the manufacturer's warranty ends today, our warranty will automatically take effect tomorrow, ensuring that your electrical appliances or devices are always covered.

Our coverage covers your appliances completely, including insurance against functional faults. It should be emphasised, however, that the cover is offered with the idea that you will take care of your equipment. Any act that endangers your appliances will not be covered by the programme. Some examples of what is not covered by your plan are: 

• a. Failure to operate your appliances in accordance with your manufacturer's usage guidelines; 

• b. Keeping them in a location where they are exposed to environmental factors that reduce the life of your appliances; 

• c. Not being careful while handling or transporting your appliance even within the same premises; 

• d. Failure to protect your appliances from infestation by pests and rodents, etc.; and 

• e. Consumable parts such as filters in a water purifier or a kitchen chimney, which are designed to last for a certain lifetime and hence replaced by the consumer are not covered.

• f. Accessories, cosmetic parts or parts that are not critical to the functioning of the appliances are not covered.

• g. Cosmetic damages like scratches, dents etc. are not covered.

Within 330 days of the purchase of a new device, you can purchase the Extended Warranty plan for new appliances and consumer electronics. When you purchase a device, we strongly advise adding the Extended Warranty plan to your orders.

We collaborate with brand-authorized service centres and use skilled specialists to fix your device. Our qualified technician will come to your home or, if necessary, transport the product to a service centre for repairs.

Easy way to raise a  service request by emailing us on customercare@oneclicksupport.in 

or calling the toll-free number 08069201919.

There is no limit to the number of service requests that can be submitted under Extended Warranty. We will continue to repair the gadget until the total cost of all repairs does not exceed the device's value.
However, if the cost of repairs for any one Service Request exceeds the current/last available market worth of the equipment, the gadget will be replaced. Replacement comes in the shape of a new or refurbished item, as well as Gift Cards.

We shall offer you with a comparable replacement device that may or may not be a new piece if the brand does not repair damaged parts or if the item cannot be fixed due to a lack of spare parts.

If your new address falls within our serviceable pin code, you can continue to utilise our services.

If the unit is unrepairable for any reason, or if the cost of fixing it exceeds the unit's invoice price, we may offer to replace it or issue a monetary settlement based on the devices' current market worth.

It is not necessary to submit a service request with a copy of the invoice or proof of purchase. When you activated the plan, you previously shared the device information and other paperwork. We will not ask you for any papers in order to conduct a service or repair request.

The Certificate of Protection (COP) is the confirmation from OneClickSuport that your appliance or gadget is protected under the extended warranty program. It will also allow us to provide you quick and efficient service at the time of registration a service request.

It just takes a few clicks.
 1. When you purchase a plan, you will receive an automatic system email. The email will contain details of your product and validity of plan, you can also check by login into oneclicksupport.in
 2. Check to see if the IMEI/Serial Number on your device matches the one on the purchase invoice and/or the serial number displayed on the device image supplied during plan activation.

If you have oneclicksupport screen protection plan or MPP ( Mobile protection plan), you won't have to worry about repairs or the costs associated with them. We will arrange for the item to be picked up from your doorstep (*available for selected devices and plans), repaired, and returned to you without you having to leave your home or spend any money for repairs. You will only be needed to pay a  excess charges if any applicable for spare parts and repair costs value upto 5%,  Please consult your plan's Terms and Conditions to determine your qualifying Excess costs.

No, you cannot transfer an activated existing plan to your new device. until unless if the same is been replaced by the brand, in that case you need to inform oneclicksupport the new device imei number along with DOA copy provided by the brand

Once you have successfully submitted your claim with all relevant documentation, the oneclicksupport team will contact you to schedule your appointment and will either collect the device (available for certain devices and plans) or schedule a home inspection of the damaged device at your convenience.

The total amount of the invoice value should represent the product's price before any applicable discounts or offers (such as exchange offers & cash back). You should purchase an Extended Warranty plan with this value.

For example, if you paid Rs. 11,000/- for a Oven that costs Rs. 11,999 after a Rs. 999 discount. For Oven costing more than Rs. 11,999/-, you should purchase the extended Warranty plan rather than the Rs. 11,000/- plan.

When making a claim, the following documentation is needed: 1) A rightly completed and signed claim form. 2) A government-issued ID showing the laptop buyer. 4) Any more paperwork that could be needed in the future.

Because of their portability, laptops are vulnerable to physical harm from even a small amount of water or tea, which makes them ruined and causes problems in your life. Therefore, we advise you to avoid laptop liquid and accident damage. Additionally, you may get OneClick Support extended warranty to cover expanded manufacturer warranty on your laptop. Remain at ease as we take care of all your laptop-related problems, including 12-hour assistance, home pickup and delivery, and repair at authorised service centres*. With our laptop protection package, work should never stop, and neither should your laptop.

According to your protection plan, you are entitled for the following advantages: 1) 12-hour contact centre support. 2) Protection from unintentional liquid and physical harm. 3) Protection from mechanical and electrical failures. 4) Free device pickup and delivery for every repair.

From the date of plan activation, your protection plan is effective for a year.

You must contact OneClick Support on its customer care number at 08069201919 within 48 hours if there are any damages or malfunctions.

The Extended Warranty does not apply to items that have been mishandled, altered, or harmed, or that have suffered harm from an accident, liquid, grit, impact, or a lack of adequate care as described in the manufacturer's instruction handbook. Unless otherwise stated in the Extended Warranty agreement, accessories are not covered. External flashes, data backup (not included in the device), batteries, loss of film (or tapes), lens caps, rear caps, filters, ac adapters or other external connections, media, and software are just a few examples of accessories. The complete Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions provide a full description of all exclusions.

If the name on the Product's invoice differs from the name of the person purchasing the Extended Warranty plan, we will need a statement in the required format from the person gifting the product. After you buy the plan, give us a call at 08069201919, and we would be pleased to help you in this regard.

No, all devices purchased within 02 days of the activation date of the device are eligible for the OneClickSupport protection plan.

Your device qualifying coverage amount is equivalent to the invoice value of your device.

You may raise another claim, but the amount of coverage that is available will depend on how much money was left over after the first claim.

According to the plan you chose, Insurance Partner charges 18% of your claim amount OR 5%–7% of your device invoice value as excess charges. To find out the precise excess charges that apply in your situation, we advise you to read the plan Terms and Conditions documents that you received as part of your welcome emailer.

Once you provide the necessary paperwork and successfully raise the claim, a member of the OneClickSupport team will contact you to schedule an appointment and collect the device from your doorstep. If doorstep service is not available in your area, OneClickSupport will make arrangements to send a mobile bag through a partner courier service; you will need to pack the damaged device in the pouch and return it to OneClickSupport. In order to pick up the packed pouch from your door, OneClickSupport will arrange for the courier partner to come.

In compliance with the terms and conditions of the programme, you may file an unlimited number of claims up to the sum covered throughout the membership term.

As soon as you request assistance, one of our service technicians will arrive at your home. Our service technicians' backgrounds have all been checked. We will let you know the technician's name and phone number in advance so you can let them in.

Front-load washing machines are gentle on clothes as they use a horizontal drum to rotate clothing through water. They are capable of cleaning clothes using minimal agitation and without completely submerging them in water. Electrolux’s front-load washing machines have in-built sensors that measure the weight of your laundry and automatically adjust the amount of water required. This means that our front-load machines use less water per load than other machines would, which results in lower detergent use and higher energy savings. Generally, front-load washing machines have more programs, a higher spin speed and are quieter than top-load washing machines.

Top-load washing machines have a lid on top and laundry is loaded from the top, which means you can load your laundry comfortably without having to bend over, and add or remove laundry mid-cycle. Traditional top-load washing machines tend to have faster cycle times than front-load washing machines. However, you won’t be able to stack a dryer on top of your top-load washing machine, so this may be a problem if you have limited space.

It is also worth noting that some high-efficiency top-load washing machines are comparable to front-load washing machines in terms of water and energy savings.

Start by cleaning the washtub using the Tub Clean Program. Add bleach, liquid chlorine, power cleaner or tub cleaner to remove detergent build-up and other residue and to keep your wash drum clean. Then wipe the gasket with a clean cloth. Make sure to wipe under and around it as well. Do this once a week.

Next, clean your washing machine dispensers to prevent blockage and remove detergent build-up. When cleaning, use hot water and vinegar to give the dispenser a good scrub. Don’t forget to also clean the machine filter by removing the filter cap and pulling out anything that may be clogging the filter.

To clean the hose, disconnect and place it in a sink of warm, soapy water for about three minutes. Use a small paintbrush to remove any lint from the screen. Continue soaking, immersing and draining the hose. Lift one end and drain the water. Do the same for the other end. This should help clear the lines. After that, remove the hose from the sink, wipe it dry with a soft cloth, and screw it back into its connections.

It is important to clean the inside of your washing machine every few months to keep it sanitised and remove smells. For hot and humid climates like India, use the Electrolux washing machine cover to protect your machine from dust and mould, and to keep it looking new.

Filters for front-loading machines are usually located along the lower front, behind an access panel. Before removing the panel, ensure that the machine is switched off and that you have a shallow pan ready to collect debris and water. Use a rag to remove any excess residue from the filter.

Filters for traditional top-load washing machines are usually located along the rim or inside the agitator. Use a small brush or cloth to clean the lint off the screen mesh. If the screen mesh is detachable, remove and wash it in hot water to remove any residue.

For both models, clean the filters at least once a month to prevent any blockages. Some of the new high-efficiency washing machines do not have removable filters as they are self-cleaning. To clean a self-cleaning washing machine filter, simply run a cleaning cycle once a month to wash away any lint.

Most washing machines have similar features to help you choose the correct washing machine settings:

Regular/Normal Cycle: The regular cycle uses strong agitation speeds and hot water to clean your clothes. It is advisable for whites, sportswear, underwear, socks and T-shirts. The hot water helps to remove stains but may cause coloured clothes to fade.

Delicates: This is for lightweight and delicate clothes. Do note that some delicate clothes are “dry-clean only” so make sure to check the labels. This feature is recommended for cotton blend sweaters, linen shirts and dri-fit sportswear. Electrolux washing machines also carry a Woolmark Apparel Care label, which means they are certified as safe to wash even for hand-wash only clothing.

Heavy Duty: This is best for muddy clothing and heavily soiled items. Heavy duty cycles use longer, warmer washes and high-speed tumbling to ensure all the dirt is flushed out and removed.

It is now easier than ever to add those forgotten items to your machine after a cycle has started. Simply press the ’Pause and Add Clothes’ button and wait for the door to unlock, add your items and press ’Start/Pause’ to recommence the wash cycle.

No, you cannot use it as a tabletop model as built-In oven should be built into a cabinet as the sides are expose without any paneling. Therefore, the expose sides of the oven will be very hot when used.

The default temperature you should set for the freezer and refrigerator compartment when you have a digital control are –18 degrees Celsius and 3 degrees Celsius respectively.

If the unit has a large black, grid-like device on the back, you should leave at least 1 inch of space between the grid and the wall, and avoid "building-in" the appliance. If there is no grid on the back, you may push the unit all the way to the wall.

It should not be place near heat source i.e. next to the hob where the cooking is and next to the window where there is direct sunlight.

Some local municipalities or private enterprises that provides bulky waste removal services who will pick up units and properly dispose of them, though often for a nominal fee. Check with yours to find out what to do.

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